Saturday, 3 April 2010

We've just been to a murder mystery party and the currently present Absent Bloke was the double-barrelled surnamed solicitor reading the will and I, as you might guess was the housekeeper/ cook/ not the murderer. I've always wanted to do a murder mystery and tonight was especially sweet as, by pure fluke, I guessed 'whodunnit'! Dunno how, just a feeling as much as anything - but very happy to win a bottle of vino which I'll save for when I can drink again, yay!

Meanwhile, last Wednesday saw my appointment with the good doctor, Dr G my oncologist. There's great news here - he's putting me back on chemotherapy! Yay! I'll be on a regime called Vinorelbine which sounds like a kind of wine to me (say it out loud). I start next Wednesday, have two weeks of treatments and then a week off. In this time I'll also have the Herceptin and bone strengthening infusion. Assuming I respond well (yes, let's!) I'll be available for lunch/coffee that third Wednesday, fab!

Meanwhile, in case you're wondering if I keep a maid's outfit in my 'dressing up box' let me put your mind at rest. I was at Dotty House a couple of weeks ago and the conversation went from Scrabble to Cluedo (everyone's favourite). I mentioned the murder/mystery party and from nowhere, this outfit appeared, so not only did I get to borrow the perfect costume, I got it for free. Love a bargain.

Dotty House doesn't have invisible strings and whilst I enjoy their services be it the nurses, physios, doctors, costume hire or craft things, someone has to pay. I'm incredibly lucky to have friends who do things to support Dorothy House and last weekend a friend ran three marathons. Let me write that again. He ran 3 marathons in 3 days. A marathon is 26 miles. Only the one he ran on the Saturday was 28 miles. In other words, over 3 days he ran at least 80 miles. All the sponsorship he gets he will donate to Dorothy House so that people like me get to enjoy/seek refuge in the services that Dotty House provides. I know we all suffer from compassion fatigue, but if you've got a spare couple of quid, please donate it to Sim - I can't imagine running a mile, let alone 80 of them and thank him from the bottom of my heart. Here's a link to his blog which tells his story. If nothing else, he's a blokey bloke and he wore a pink tee shirt at the finish line. That's worth £2 of anybody's isn't it?

Later this year the Rondo Theatre Company (RTC) who I'm involved with will be producing 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' at the Botanical Gardens in Bath and again, profit will be donated to Dotty House.

As I write this, I realise that I need to sort through some of my old clothes. I'll donate them to one of Dot's charity shops in Bath so if you fancy something in the style of Karen Millen/ Joseph/ Whistles from the last 3 years in a size 12 head to one of Dots shops soon!