Monday, 24 May 2010

Race for Life 2010

This Race for Life malarky whizzes around doesn't it? This time we're doing it on Sunday 6 June at 11am at the University of Bath.

Absolutely not a chance of me running as I can't run any longer, don't ask me why not as I can't explain. I can walk and almost (almost) dance but somehow, running's out. The fields up at the uni aren't very even, so I may have to take my stick, I hope not.

If you've any spare cash (£2 minimum donation) please feel free to sponsor me! If I make it to £500 this year, between us we'll have donated over £2000 to Cancer Research UK which makes a huge difference, so thank you :-)

If you're also doing the 11am race on 6 June please let me know and we can at least start off together - even if I do finish a good hour or two later than you!

Living with Cancer

Hmmm, in the absence of the Absent Bloke (he's only down the road, not like he's left the postcode even, but still) just asked my nurse if this chemo will send me into remission and apparently it won't.

The Oxford English Minidictionary explains remission as:
1 The cancellation of a debt or charge
2 The reduction of a prison sentence for good behaviour
3 A temporary period during which an illness becomes less severe

Somewhat disappointing that this period can't be reduced by good behaviour but on the upside, I can behave badly without it having an impact :-)

Last week saw Caromellymac galavanting around Longleat with a group of similarly afflicted souls and a greater number of nurses and volunteers. Around 25 of us took long walks, went on picnics, went swimming, relaxing and met some birds of prey up close and personal. Photos to follow... It was a wonderful week and again, a huge thank you to all at Dot House who made it happen.

Next chemo is this Wednesday which is followed by an echocardiogram. I get all the fun jobs!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Remember Me?

It's been a long time between blogs. I'm not good at regular blogging and having just sat down to fill y'all in on the latest I looked at some other blogs and really, am wondering what I can say that's different/more enlightening/entertaining than anyone else.

You'll be pleased to know I'm not quite so dependant on steroids and so look much less like Alvin the Chipmunk than I did, but still not quite like Caromellymac either.

I'm now two sessions into a new regime of chemotherapy called Vinorelbine which is soooo much less toxic than my previous chemo which is great. It means I don't sleep all the time and I'm getting some exercise and beginning to live my life again, woo hoo. Having said that, compared to most people, I'm still very tired. My week still consists of counselling sessions (Tuesdays/emotional and Fridays/medical) chemo on Wednesdays and Dot House on Thursdays. Add to that that I sleep most of the weekend that only gives me Mondays to do stuff, which inevitably doesn't seem to happen as I'm asleep when I should be planning what I want to do...