Monday, 24 May 2010

Living with Cancer

Hmmm, in the absence of the Absent Bloke (he's only down the road, not like he's left the postcode even, but still) just asked my nurse if this chemo will send me into remission and apparently it won't.

The Oxford English Minidictionary explains remission as:
1 The cancellation of a debt or charge
2 The reduction of a prison sentence for good behaviour
3 A temporary period during which an illness becomes less severe

Somewhat disappointing that this period can't be reduced by good behaviour but on the upside, I can behave badly without it having an impact :-)

Last week saw Caromellymac galavanting around Longleat with a group of similarly afflicted souls and a greater number of nurses and volunteers. Around 25 of us took long walks, went on picnics, went swimming, relaxing and met some birds of prey up close and personal. Photos to follow... It was a wonderful week and again, a huge thank you to all at Dot House who made it happen.

Next chemo is this Wednesday which is followed by an echocardiogram. I get all the fun jobs!

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