Monday, 24 May 2010

Race for Life 2010

This Race for Life malarky whizzes around doesn't it? This time we're doing it on Sunday 6 June at 11am at the University of Bath.

Absolutely not a chance of me running as I can't run any longer, don't ask me why not as I can't explain. I can walk and almost (almost) dance but somehow, running's out. The fields up at the uni aren't very even, so I may have to take my stick, I hope not.

If you've any spare cash (£2 minimum donation) please feel free to sponsor me! If I make it to £500 this year, between us we'll have donated over £2000 to Cancer Research UK which makes a huge difference, so thank you :-)

If you're also doing the 11am race on 6 June please let me know and we can at least start off together - even if I do finish a good hour or two later than you!

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