Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The One You've Been Waiting For!

Apologies for the lack of photo but those of you on facebook will have seen this morning's pic of me awaiting my chemotherapy. I was waiting for the results of my blood tests and the news that I could go ahead and have my (almost) weekly infusion.

The reason for blogging at almost quarter past midnight is to share some good news with you (at last). When I was first re-diagnosed in October/November my 'cancer marker' was somewhere in the region of 260/270. This is more than eight times what it should be (I've not done the maths, I could be way out). Apparently a normal reading is around 30. That's what you (as in someone without a cancer diagnosis) would have in your system. Happily, this figure has been reducing and I have been doing my usual head in the sand ignoring the facts thing, until today.

Apparently, my cancer marker has dropped to 40!! That must explain why I'm feeling better, am more mobile and able to cope with more.

I'm sorry this blog has been so utterly miserable for the last few months. I hope this news has cheered you up! It's certainly done that for me. I've yet to speak to Dr R my oncologist about this and get his take, but in layman's terms that looks pretty good to me!