Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Decolletage? I meant chest. I could blame chemo, allergies, anything or just disappearing up my own arse but what I meant to say was look at that plaster on my chest, that's where the portacath is inserted.

It was inserted by a surgeon under general aneasthetic when I was admitted to the clinic as a day patient back in January. Before I go for my chemo/Herceptin/bone strengthening treatment I put on a tiny tube of aneasthetic so that when the nurses attach the needle I don't feel a thing. No trauma, they just pop the bugger in and away we go, whoosh - chemicals in, blood out (tick as required). Easy peasy portacath squeezy. Every chest should have one. Well maybe not but I do want you to know how much easier it makes my life. It's just like a mini-plug socket in that the needle just pops into it - it's not visible (no point posting a photo) but you can you feel it if I like you enough to let you :) There's a tiny scar, but I'm collecting chest scars - just hoping to find the right style neckline to show them off at some point.

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